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Convert a .dat file to a .pdf

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I need to quickly convert a .dat file to a .pdf. Will GIMP accomplish this? Or do you recommend anything else, for free of course?

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The .dat extension does not refer to any particular file type, so it's impossible to predict if GIMP would handle this. If your .dat file turns out to be a misnamed image, then yes, GIMP should be able to detect the image data in it. If not, you may try opening the .dat file in a text editor: chances are, you'll see its original extension (or the source program) written in the very beginning.

In case you've received the .dat file as an e-mail attachment, expecting a .pdf, consider this Microsoft article covering TNEF issues.

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Reading MS articles is a pain. You'd better google: "winmail.dat"

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If the .dat file can be opened in Gimp (only filename is changed not the header which makes it recognizable by the software), it can be converted to .pdf. Use a virtual printer like CutePDF Writer, select Print and choose CutePDF as a printing engine.

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