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Question about UV mapping.

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I am using Maya 2014, I exported the models as OBJs after I've done their UV mapping and did my work on Mudbox, however after I was done I decided I wanna modify the main model on Maya and fix the UVs accordingly. It did not work and I had to start from scratch, but what's driving me crazy is that even when I want to redo the Uv mapping I can't unfold or even move the UVs on the very basic model I started with. I exported the model in different file formats, deleted the history, but to no avail. The UV map has just became unresponsive. It only extracts, but does not unfold and whenever I change the UVs position in the UV texture editor (if it worked) and try to unfold them they revert to their previous fixed position, why is that happening?

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Since UV Mapping requires to be done in extra steps, I would like to recommended you check the official guide provided by the Autodesk. After you access the page, scroll down to the Related Topics. You will see that there are extended topics that explain exactly how to handle and manage the UV mappings.

Support page:,topicNumber=d30e218945

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