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Out of memory error.

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I tried copying an 80 GB HDD to a 2 TB HDD and ran out of disk space. Was using FTK tool and created a partition to test things. Am I doing something wrong?

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Before you start the copying process, make sure that you have enough space on 2 TB HDD. Even if it has a big capacity, this doesn't mean it can't get full. If this isn't the case, try not to use FTK tool. If you created a virtual partition to test on things, it's possible that it wasn't big enough.

To transfer data from a HDD to another, just connect them both to the PC, select all files from one (by pressing Ctrl + A), press Ctrl + C while the files are selected, go to the destination path, and click Ctrl + V. Due to the fact that you want to copy such high amount of data, the process could take a while. To copy your data, you can also use SyncToy. This tool is developed by Microsoft and it's used to copy, move and sync files from different locations.

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