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Explanation of the command line arguments for AJA System TestE

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If you run ajasystemtest.exe at the command line with /?, you get a bunch of options. However, there are no explanation for what these options are or how to use them. For instance, there is "-bg2 color". What is that? And how do you specify color? That same thing goes for all other things.

The second part of this question is: If I want to run this in batch mode and specify a bunch of parameters (such as a file size of 4GB, test type of "Disk Read + Write Test", volume "D:\", and video frame size of 1280x720 10 bit), and then have all the output go to a file, how would you specify all that?

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I've downloaded and installed the application. I've run a test and opened the ajasystemtest.exe application with the /?. I've also tried to append various options to the command line but it didn't work as it should. There is no information if you can pass that info to the command line. I recommend checking the official website and get in touch with the support team. Send them an email and they will respond.

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