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How to pass data via LAN connection in database in Android?

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I am very new to Android. I created one Android application. How can I pass/store data from application to the database via wireless LAN? My application runs on one laptop and my database is on another laptop. Both laptop are connected via wireless LAN. I want to send/fetch the data to/from the database. I don't know how to create database in Android and even database connectivity. Can you give me some simple example code?

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A good example of this request can be found through Google Search results. Access the results page, then scroll down until you see SampleProgramz website. Access the website and analyze the code posted on the website. The code tells you how to add data to a MySQL database. You can tweak some of its settings to pass the data to the database using a LAN connection. Additionally, use the tutorials from Google related to Android and database connection/management.

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