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Windows Phone 7.5 Speak Chinese app.

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Some months ago I purchased Windows phone app Speak Chinese ($1.99 purchased version) which worked for months without problems. Just recently the app stopped working. The symptom is that when I click the icon it appears to open with the display of the various categories from which to select. However, that selection screen appears very briefly and goes away. Trying to quickly click on one of the categories does not change the behavior because the selection screen appears too briefly and is gone. At first I thought it might be that a required option setting had been disabled but none of my other apps shows similar behavior. Moreover, I stepped through all the Settings options, testing each one, and found none that changed the behavior.

Can you please help me?

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If you have purchased the application, then it means you are entitled to use it for as long as it's released on the market. Remove it from your phone and then install it again. If you have the possibility, clear the cache of the phone/app and then perform the installation. Another possibility is that the OS has been updated and now the application needs update too but this can only be done by the developer of the application. Try contacting the developer and explain this situation.

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