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How can I uninstall Babylon toolbar?

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Babyloon toolbar can be easily removed with the help of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. I recommend this software because it's able to remove everything that this toolbar has installed with or without your consent. Of course, you can use the classical way of installing using Add or Remove Programs, but you'll have some leftovers which Malwarebytes will remove. Also, you need to check every installed browser in order to remove the add-on. In Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox you can uninstall the toolbar using the Add-ons/Extensions menu and then can proceed to Malwarebytes. It is also recommended to run the scan 2-3 times to make sure the program does not replicate itself.

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The comment from babylon is bullshit. It does not work. They are a bunch of criminals trying to hijack our computers. These people belong in jail.

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It's an adware... you can remove it with Toolbar Remover. You can find it on Google.

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Toolbar Remover is a Browser Hijack Program which will install even more unwanted toolbars and make your browser unusable unless you follow their recommendations.  It will install unwanted plug ins into both Chrome and Firefox.
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It's the same thing...
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Babylon is a tool which hijacks many places on the computer & seeks personal information.
Please use MSSE or MBAM both of which are best to get rid of the tool. Microsoft Security Essentials & Malware Byte AntiMalware.

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Right-click the Babylon icon on the lower right of your screen next to the system clock and click "Exit." Click "Yes" to confirm.

Click the Windows "Start" menu, type "appwiz.cpl" in the Search field and press "Enter." This will bring you to the programs window that displays programs and applications installed on your computer.

Scroll through the programs folder and click "Babylon Toolbar." Click "Uninstall" and click "Yes" to confirm the uninstall process.

Click "Start," select "Computer" and open the "Local Disk C:" drive. Open the "Programs Files" folder.

Right-click the Babylon folder it and click "Delete." Click "Yes" to confirm your choice. Empty the "Recycle Bin."

You're Done


Go here if you use FireFox:

Google Chrome:!topic/chrome/vjpeIIc9HvQ

If You need More Help Ask ^_^


Dark Rock

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Many people have reported about the annoyance from Babylon Toolbar. You need to clean out its software, browser add-ons and system files to completely get rid of it. But you need some computer skills to find out which entries to delete. I kindly advise you to turn to computer experts.

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The best,fast and easy way is to enter Babylon's removal site, choose your browser and see how to remove it

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Babalon has changed its program now so a lot of the techniques discussed no longer work.  I have found that even changing the Boolean argument in about:config will not work.  The only way you can now gwt rid of either Babalon or Conduit is to do ma total reset of Firefox.  Help>Troubleshooting Information>reset Firefox (upper right hand corner of trouble shooter page)

If you read up on the reset function on Firefox Support, you'll see how that can cure a lot of problems.

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