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Can I convert a Word document into WordPad? If yes, then how?

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You can do so, but there are limitations.

A word document is an advanced tool of microsoft which provides ample ways of modifying your text, pictures etc. However, RTF or wordpad format does not provide you such options, & even the options which are there are limited.

Above all, if you copy paste, or do a save as to your files, it will give you an error, as the compatibility will not be matched & the file will not have the same or correct data.

Still, you can save the text formats, but for images or high end data, it would be difficult.

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Yes, you can do that. Just select all the contents of the Word and "copy" it. After that open WordPad and "paste" the content. This is the easiest way.

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you cant beocos it is not word pad it is office

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