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Load data to MYSQL 5.1.

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MYSQL 5.1 does not upload the file to the Server. I am able to make the connection to the Server, I see all the Tables, I can select the table, I match all the headings, select replace file, then when I click finish, it just sits there. It does not upload the file. Normally I should see a green bar that flashes and the upload is done in less than 30 seconds. How can I fix this?

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If you have established a connection with the server and you can access data from it, it's possible that the behavior that you encounter could be caused by an internal error of the application. Try to reboot your computer, in order to restart the database and then try again. If this isn't helping, export your database, re-install the program, import your data to the new server and try again. This should fix your problem. For more information, visit the official website of the developer.

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