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Unicode in Quran plug-in for Word.

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We already have some test prepared using this Quran plug-in. People using Mac could not open it. If we click Unicode in add-on, would it work for people in Mac? I don't have Mac so I cannot test it. However someone has tested that if we click Unicode in 'add on' before adding Arabic, it works on Mac and Mac opens the document correctly without plug-in installed. I need to test the first option whether it works, otherwise we would be needing to remake the tests.

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Mac OS X supports Unicode format. You can access the Support page provided by Apple to get information about Unicode and changing the keyboard language. However, different settings related to Unicode might have a different impact on the way you see documents, tests, etc. Arabic uses another format, and Unicode might not be compatible. Because of that, you will need to use only the Unicode format for your tests.

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