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Disk Images UI Agent's license agreement window won't go away.

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DiskImages UI Agent is trying to get me to agree to a license agreement for Trimble SketchUp Pro. I do not want to download it; if I clicked on the download button it must have been an accident. The problem, though, is that when I click "Disagree," the window pops right back up. It will not go away. I have tried restarting the computer twice. It is making the computer slow and has the spinning rainbow circle, and this is frankly getting quite annoying. Can anyone please instruct me on how to get the DiskImages UI Agent window to go away?

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It seems the two applications that you mentioned form a bundle. This means that you can't install one without the other. I suggest you make sure that you are using an official installer package. Usually, this behavior is encountered when the package is corrupted. You can obtain a safe one from the official website of the developer.

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