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BlueStacks applications aren't running properly.

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I recently installed the new version of BlueStacks on my laptop. Once it starts, I get everything ready to download and install the applications I want. Now here's the problem: after downloading and installing the applications, I run them but they all show a black screen! It doesn't display any graphics whatsoever, it just stays blank. What could be the source of the problem, and what can I do to fix it?

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Since Bluestacks uses Net Framework service, I suggest you update this to the latest version. Make sure that you also have your graphic driver up-to-date. If this didn't help, go to Start and type regedit. Start the resulted service and go to Software > Bluestacks > Guests > Android > Config > SkipGraphicDriverCheck and open it. Now change the value from Value Data field to 1 and press OK. Close all the opened windows and try again to run BLuestacks. For more information, check the following FAQ page.

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