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How do you make the jewel star appear?

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The instructions say to eliminate jewels until "transparency". This is a bad translation, I think, because it tells me nothing in English.

I'm on level 88 and I haven't seen anything turn transparent, and the star doesn't appear at a certain score, either, unless that score is constantly changing. Can someone help me?

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I believe the word has been translated correctly because "transparency" refers to the state of the background tiles that need to be unlocked using different combinations. At the start of any round, you can see that certain spaces have a different background than the rest (it can be observed better on level 1 - 02 for example where you have a blue square on the background in the middle of the screen). To make the star appear, you got to make certain combinations on these spaces to 'pop' them and change their background. It is possible that advancing through the game, you may need to 'pop' some of them several times until they become transparent.

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