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How can I get back Jewels Star data files?

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I had Jewels Star installed on my SAMSUNG S6 Edge. Unfortunately the phone broke down and I had to sent it back to Samsung. Of course when I got it back, it was reset to the factory settings and I had to reinstall the backup. When I started Jewels Star I found out that all the levels I played where gone. Besides the backup (using Switch) I also have made a complete copy of the Samsung S6. Can you tell me how I can restore the played levels of Jewels Stars?

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The software's description doesn't mention anything about the recovery mode, but for most applications listed on the Play Store, you usually log-in with the Google Play account/service and the progress is synced automatically across multiple devices if you play it on multiple ones.

Do the same for this one as well, but there is also the possibility that this feature might be missing and recovery won't be available no matter the steps you do.

Contact the developers for additional details:

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