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Recover lost messages from a Samsung basic phone.

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I switched OFF my Samsung Metro phone last night. When I turned it on in the morning, the message section is not working. It has been showing like "Loading". Can anyone help me with this?

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No. There is no way to recover your deleted messages on a basic Samsung phone. However, you don't need to recover your messages because they aren't lost. After you turn OFF and then ON your mobile phone, depending on your number of messages, the Loading screen could appear for some time. This is done because the phone is loading the messages from the memory. You should check your Inbox after a while. Your messages should be there.

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It’s a good habit to backup Samsung galaxy to avoid important data loss. However, if you accidentally deleted files from your Samsung phone, or corrupted your Android OS through a software update or ROM flashing, you can use Samsung Data Recovery to recover deleted data, including contacts, messages, call history, photos, videos, audio, documents and more.

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