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Compatible Phone Control app for iPhone.

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I read about Phone Control app by Lucass to be more advanced than Find my iPhone. I need this app to be able to monitor my son to keep him out of trouble. Find my iPhone only gives you the location but if I understand correctly Phone Control allows you to keep track of every activity on the phone through a Gmail account.

We both have iPhones and I'm hoping that you can give more information about this app and how I can access it. And most importantly is it compatible with iPhone? I would really appreciate you time and help if you could point me to a right direction to get this app.

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There is an application for iPhone and Android released by Norton. You can visit the website to acquire the product. If you choose to install it, the whole process is through the AppStore.

The app allows you to monitor the phone regarding aspects like location, websites, password, activity, etc.

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