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Do you guys know of a Blu-ray player that will work with on a Mac?

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I think I need to install a Blu-ray player for my Mac to watch some good movies. Any good ideas?

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On the database of Mac Informer, there are plenty of applications that are able to play Blu-ray discs. Browse the database, then choose the one you like. If you need a free application, simply tick the FREE option next to the search field.

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If the original poster wants to play commercial BlueRay DVD movies on the Mac there is NO option itself far as I know.
The reason for this is the very draconian hardwired copy protection schemes employed with BlueRay that Apple didn't go along with, in fact Steve Jobs called BlueRay "a bag of hurt".
But u can add an external one (or internal if u had a desktop Mac Pro - pre 2014) u also need software player like Macgo Mac Blu-ray player.

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The player Amerbeda referred is a good choice for me. Worked perfect!

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If you want to install a free one, recommend you VLC. VLC supports unencrypted Blu-ray discs. Unfortunately, commercial Blu-ray movies will generally be encrypted. You can try using the third-party AACS dynamic library to make VLC play encrypted Blu-ray discs — if you’re looking for a Blu-ray player and don’t want to shell out any money, it’s worth a shot.

But if you want to install a professional blu-ray player, search on Google:

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