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How to play Blu-ray discs using Windows Blu-ray Player?

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How can I play Blu-ray discs in Mac OS? Note that this is not a matter of not having the requisite codecs installed. It just doesn't recognize the disc as a Blu-Ray disc. What am I doing wrong?

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There are 2 possible causes for this issue: you don't have a capable Blu-Ray player or the video player software does not support Blu-ray format. I suggest you try VLC Media Player first then use the manual of your Mac to check if the DVD-ROM drive has support for Blu-Ray discs.

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You need a external Blu-ray drive to insert the Blu-rays in it. I often use Brorsoft Blu-ray Ripper to rip my BDs to MOV instead of Blu-ray drive.

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What computer are you using? Mac or Windows? No matter which one you using, you need a third party program to achieve this. Both the drives on Mac and PC can only read CD/DVD, so you also need a Blu-ray drive connected with your computer. There are several software for Mac and Windows.

Mac: VLC, Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player
Windows: Cyberlink PowerDVD, TMT3

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Guy, you need a Windows Blu-ray player to work on Mac OS? No wonder it doesn't recognize the Blu-Ray disc. Windows blu-ray player only allow you to play blu-ray discs on Windows OS, you need a Mac BLu-ray Player. Try VLC, Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player. Good luck.

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You need a Mac blu-ray Player, not a Windows Blu-ray player. Visit here.

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VLC can play blu ray movie, i have used for several discs, but you need download and place the AACS and BD+ DRM libraries and keys in order to play Blu Ray on Windows 7/8/8.1/Vista. The guide from UFUSoft helps me. I appreciate the guy who wrote it. And for the latest blu ray disc movie, i use UFUSoft Blu ray Player, it works well. Hope it helps

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