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Forwarding a port on Cyberoam.

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How to forward a port (CCTV DVR) on the Cyberoam?

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In order to forward a port, go to Start, type CMD and open the utility using Administrator rights. After that, type ipconfig and press Enter. Copy the IP address displayed next to Default Gateway and paste it in the address bar of your web browser. Press Enter and type admin as Username and admin as Password to open the Cyberoam router page. Click the Security tab and press Port Forwarding below Firewall. Type a name for the application and enter 80 as Start and End ports:

enter image description here

After that, in the next window, type 2000 and 2007 as Start and End ports and press again Add service:

enter image description here

If you have problems, use the Contact Cyberoam page to get in touch with the support team.

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