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After deactivating Viber, can I recover the same messages after reactivation?

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If I deactivate Viber on my Android for a short period and decide to reactivate it 2 weeks later, will I lose all my conversations and pictures and videos? Or can I recover them and have the exact same messaging history for my contacts after reactivating Viber on the exact same phone?

In addition, I wouldn't need to deactivate it if Viber allowed me to disconnect. However, when I click "EXIT VIBER" and it disconnects, as soon as someone messages me, it automatically reconnects me although I don't want to receive anything.

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If you deactivate your Viber account you will lose all the data( messages, call logs, downloaded stickers and pictures) associated to your id. This data cannot be recovered even if you decide to reactivate your account in a small period of time.

Regarding your second problem, you should be able to disconnect from Viber by going to More -> Exit. However, by doing this, you will still receive calls and messages thanks to C2DM service by Google that allows Viber to "wake up" when someone contacts you.

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