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After closing certain applications, some leftover text stays on my display. How can i fix this?

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I looked all of the Internet, but never found an answer. Very often when I use (for example in "Notepad") some text such as "Save as" or "Delete" stays on my screen, after I have closed the application. I tried new graphic drivers and other Mhz settings. It's a mystery for me. Really appreciate your help.

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Hi, Unfortunatly the problem is nopt solved. I though it was, but after 2 days it came back. any idea?

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This is an error with the explorer.exe file (your desktop). If you start Task manager and end this process, the text will go. Try to update Windows to its latest version. The actual cause of this is unknown and disappears automatically.

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thnx very much, i will try this.
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Hello again. I installed all updates, took me 2 hours, but...
It really worked. I don't know which update did the trick, but i have not had the problem for almost a day now (knock on wood).

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