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Is it worth attempting to restore a corrupt audio track on a 55 sec video clip shot with an iPhone 4S?

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I recorded a video clip of my family on my iPhone but discovered there was no audio track. (I immediately shot a short test clip and can confirm that the audio was working fine.) This 'corrupted' clip is one of those 'one in a million' clips and my wife and I are most upset that there's no audio track. Is it worth me trying to extract the audio track or am I wasting my time? If it's possible to extract the audio track, how should I go about doing this?

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It's known that the iPhone 4 has a problem with recorded video sound. This is happening due to fact that the MIC is getting stuck with dust. This issue has been discussed on the following forum and a solution has been provided. If you think that this isn't your case, you can try to extract the audio from the video to be sure. To do this, you can use Software Informer's website in order to find and obtain a download link for a program with this functionality.

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