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Deleting a Google account on ZTE Savvy.

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I just got a ZTE Savvy and synced the same Google account that I use for my tablet to the phone so I can have my applications on my phone as well. But now the account is all messed up on my tablet and I have money on my Google Play account. So is there a way I can either, delete the Google account from my phone or transfer the money I have on my Google Play account to another Google account so I can still keep everything?

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You can't transfer money that you have on your Google Play account to another Google Play account. Google hasn't implemented this yet. However, to delete the Google account that you are currently using on the phone, try going to Settings -> Accounts and sync -> tap on the current account that you want to remove and then tap Remove account. By doing this, all your application from the phone will not be removed but you will be able to use only the ones that are free.

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