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How to play Blu-ray discs using Windows Media Player in Windows 8?

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I've upload the extras for Media Player, to get full value of the program and it won't play Blu-ray DVD's. My machine does have the right device to read Blu-ray!

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In order to play a Blu-ray disc using Windows Media Player, you first need to make sure that you have downloaded and installed the last version of Microsoft Silverlight on your system. You can download it by visiting the following official website. Also, you need to download and install the Media Center package from Microsoft. To learn more, you can visit the following web page. If this isn't working, you can get a free player with Blu-ray compatibility for Windows 8 by visiting the Software Informer's website.

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This can't happen in Win 8 any more. The easy way to get this done is to install a third party Blu-ray player and connect an external BD drive. Or you may wanna try a stand-alone Blu-ray player, but a little expensive. The software I always use Macgo Windows Blu-ray Player which is a cheaper than others but can play all kinds of Blu-ray discs. A very practical video tool for PC.

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As far as I know, Windows Media Player can't play blu-ray discs or movies, so you need to download profession Windows blu-ray player. Macgo Windows Bluray Player is a good choice.

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Windows Media Player dont support blu-ray, so there is no way to play Blu-ray discs using Windows Media Player in Windows 8. If you must play blu-ray on your Windows 8 PC, you need to download a blu-ray player like Macgo Windows Blu-ray Player for Windows 8.

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Yes, Windows Media Player can't support blu-ray playing. So you need a blu-ray player for Windows, as far as I know, VLC is a good choice for free. But if you want a professional blu-ray player and don't want to pay much, Macgo Windows Blu-ray Player and Aurora Blu-ray Player are both good.

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To play Blu-ray discs with Windows Media Player, first download and install the Media Center package; But there are also some problems playing Blu-ray Player, for it is not the professional blu-ray program. To be on the safe side, install a blu-ray Player by visiting this web page.

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