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How to display Blu-ray menu in Blu-ray DVD Playback on Mac Pro?

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There's not so much for the Blu-ray program for Mac, it doesn't even have a playback menu. I know it's a hard part, but I wonder if there is any possibility that this kind of player exists?

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You can't display the menu with the known video players, instead you will need to use a dedicated player that has the capability of playing the disc/file plus the usual menu selection. Luckily, the Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player application offers this feature and automatically enables menu support when it detects a Blu-ray disc or ISO file. Access its official website to find more information about it including a download link. Install the software, insert the disc and open it with the play and that's it.

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It looks like I have the same experience @Robert Polubinski. This is also what I'm using now. By the way, you must choose "Blu-ray menu mode" to display the original Blu-ray menu. While in "quick play mode", it only has a simple list.

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You can download a blu-ray player that can play blu-ray menu. Here are only the steps:
Step 1: Free download Mac Blu-ray Menu Player and install it at once
Step 2: Run Mac Blu-ray Menu Player and Open “Preferences” under “Mac Blu-ray Player”
After you open “Preferences”, click on the “Blu-ray” option. There are two play modes you can choose. Simply switch it to Blu-ray Menu Mode and click “OK”. The default play mode is Quick Play Mode, so if you want to use Blu-ray Menu Mode, please always set before you open a Blu-ray disc. There are some disc preferences that can be set under “Blu-ray”, like, countries and regions, the language of subtitle, audio and menu.
Step 3: Play Blu-ray Menu on Mac
After you insert the disc, it will be loaded automatically. If the disc is already in your Blu-ray drive, and you stop the movie to change the play mode, you can always click “Open Disc” to reopen the disc after the settings are done. And please remember, your disc must be loaded after you choose the Blu-ray Menu Mode. After the loading process, a pop-up window will show up. Click “Continue” to experience Blu-ray menu in advance. Otherwise, please choose Quick Play Mode.
After a while, the Blu-ray menu will appear. It’s perfectly normal if you have to wait for a bit. If you think the process’s taking too long, you can always choose the Quick Play Mode. Blu-ray Menu Mode is still under development, so it’s still yet to be optimized. If the disc you’re playing won’t respond in Blu-ray Menu Mode, please choose Quick Play Mode.
Step 4: Hit play and enjoy your Blu-ray movie
After the disc’s loaded, Blu-ray menu will be controlled by your keyboard. For now you can use Blu-ray menu only via keyboard controls. On Blu-ray menu you can choose play the movie directly, select scenes, or set audio and subtitles and other stuff. By simply pressing “Enter” on your keyboard, the movie will be played at once. Then you can watch your Blu-ray Disc freely and comfortably.
That’s all you need to know to use the new Blu-ray menu feature of Mac Blu-ray Player.

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You can download and install Mac Blu-ray player, which can play blu-ray menu easily. But the windows one can't, we just expect.

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