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Problem with the trial version of Target for ArcGIS.

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I would like to try Target for ArcGIS to figure out its abilities and specifications to compare with other geological software like Gemcom. I have downloaded free Target for ArcGIS version 3.2, but it isn't installing on ArcGIS 10.2. It shows me that I need to install other versions of this extension first or maybe I should change my Windows Installer. My Windows Installer is working properly. Could you please advise me on how and where I could download and install Target for ArcGIS with its extensions including Target, Voxel properly?

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The reason why you can't install the Target for ArcGIS (version 3.2) together with ArcGIS (version 10.2) is that you downloaded an older version of the program. Due to this, you need to update your software's version and then try again to install it. You can download the latest version (4.2) from the official website. Also, from the site mentioned you can download other extensions like Target or Voxi. By doing this, you shouldn't encounter any compatibility issues.

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