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How to make my data safe from being copied?

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Being a student, I am afraid of getting my assignments copied. I don't want my friends to copy my work at the same time I want to help them by sharing my assignment. What should I do? Any suggestion regarding software or some technique?

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You can export your data to a PDF file. By doing this, you can control the rights for the file and stop your friends from coping the content of it. For this you need only Adobe Reader. To download the software you can visit Software Informer's application web page to obtain a download link. The phogram is also available on the following official website.

To protect your PDF file, go to the top right corner and press the Tools button, select Encrypt. You can choose to protect your file with a password without allowing any changes to it, or you can even prevent data from being copied. To learn more, you can visit the following website.

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