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Callers are complaining that they cannot hear me.

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My USB recorder was working wonderfully until one day callers on the far end began complaining that my voice is cutting out as well as problems hearing me. Their voice comes through the phone clearly. When I review the recording, my voice and the callers voice comes out clear.

At first I thought it was because we switched to an IP phone, but that was months prior to the start of the complaints. I took my recorder home and tried the recorder on my analog home phone and my home computer. Same thing happened - my husband said my voice was coming in very softly. I have increased gain on the recorder, the volume on the phone and computer. I am out of ideas and concerned that a new unit will have the same problems?
What else can I do so that the callers can hear me?

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There is a setting in Windows which automatically lowers the volume of applications when it detects various processes running or when VoIP applications are used. Right click the speaker icon on your system tray then go to Playback devices. Switch to Communications tab in the opened Windows, and select Do Nothing. Additionally, disable all the microphone boots in the sound manager program installed for your sound card.

Note: There is also the possibility the device is faulty and needs repairing.

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