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The software is not compatible in Windows 7. What should I do?

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In this case, there is not much you can do. Still, you can try running the software in compatibility mode. In order to do that, right-click on your application, go to Properties, and, from the compatibility tab, choose a previous Windows version. If his doesn't do the trick, the only thing left to do is to downgrade your Windows version.

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Works perfectly in Windows XP mode. Thank you

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For nothing. Glad I could help :)
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Another thing is Microsoft Virtual PC with Windows XP Mode. It's just... great!! I could not launch old Adobe Premiere 6.5 Pro under the "compatibility mode" (through Properties), but I launched it Windows XP Mode!

It's not a regular virtual machine with its own Desktop, Start Menu etc. It creates a shortcut for the applications (in Windows 7 Start Menu), and it launches "as in my Windows 7" in its window, as usually.

There's a bunch of another software like Parallels, but it's all commercial. Microsoft's product is free and should be enough for everything.

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HDMI is hardware setintg, nothingto deal with postProductionbest way to work with SMU is to have AVI uncompresssed FileSMU is not an Editing video Progam, is a Keying+Virtual sets (sold separately) Post production systemfinally, you can record anything in best way/quality you want, then have a simple and uncompressed avi files wich will be well handled by SMUof course, if you work in Hires, be sure to have a highlevel pc to make rendering in a timely manner

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Please I need help! I have years using the old Premier 6.5

but my hd crashed and I lost all programs, hopefully I have a projects backup.

I do not want to use any other version of adobe, I have too much skill on that

and mainly I do not want to move out from windows 7.

Can you provide a copy of your 6.5 version? Please!


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