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How to get rid of unwanted programs running in the background?

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I have so many applications running in the background which I haven't installed, probably they're malware or unwanted programs installed while browsing. How can I find them to remove? They make my PC slow. I want to keep only programs which I use.

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Go to Start and in the search box, type msconfig. From the Startup tab, uncheck the programs you don't want to load at Windows Start and restart your computer, to see the changes.

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Hi, have you checked your Programs and Features from Control Panel? You can click Start button, then Control Panel. And then open Programs and select Programs and Features. You'll be able to uninstall any programs there. But some malware could hide itself so that you cannot see it in the list. Under such circumstance, you need to go to System Configuration and delete unneeded startup items. You can follow detailed guides here to stop unwanted startup programs.

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