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External sound card programming issue

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Looking over the BASS libraries, I've got the idea that this player could be modified to support an external sound card for the WAV files playback of high resolution. The file specs would be 24bit 196 or better. 32bit float and a higher hz rating would be preferable. In addition to the function of playing these files, it also serves as a home stereo interface.

The biggest problem in doing this is CPU usage. Even if you have a sound card that will handle the file sizes, it's difficult to find a library for ASIO management that would help with buffering and reducing latency problems.

Do you think this player could be modified to handle this? Do you know any programmers who would be interested in such a project?

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Since no audio player was mentioned, I recommend Google Search to find out compatible players available for external sound programming cards. Unfortunately, this is the only way. You need to make sure that the ASIO is correctly installed or you will have additional issues.

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