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How can I get svchost.exe to not use 100 % of CPU?

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How can I get svchost.exe to not use 100 % of CPU?

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When the svchost is using 100 % CPU it means there is a high chance of being infected with a malware application. Firstly, I recommend installing an antivirus solution to scan your computer and then apply the latest updates through Windows Update.

As a scanning solution, you can install Malwarebytes Antimalware, then perform a full scan of your computer. After it completes, remove all the infected files found, restart the PC and then install the latest updates.

This could also be a bug in the SVChost that can be fixed by applying the available updates through Windows Update.

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I ran the malware program on the HP laptop it found 2 things deleted them still no better found another virus malware remover it found 20 cookies removed them good for 1 hour then back to 100% looked over the program that HP had on the computer called tune up ran it for 12 hours over night , have no idea what it did but for the last two days if the computer was not doing any thing the CPU ran at 0 to 2 % and when My Wife was playing a game it goes from 5 to 80 % so what ever the HP program called tune up is it worked

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