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Nokia mobile taken over by an Android Phone.

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I would like to know how to remove Browser and Nokia WAP Simulator that were added to my 6210 Nokia phone without my knowledge. I think either a computer which is close by or an Android Phone has interfered and added Yahoo7, removed options on my Profiles to only having Default Profile now. My inbox messages are being moved from my phone along with multiple changes to make my phone virtually useless. They have managed to stop me from using access and security codes. Is there anyway I can trace this to either the phone or computer? I must admit I'm still learning but I do know when I have an unwelcome visitor.

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On the 8th of October 2013, Yahoo released the new version of the Yahoo Mail which included most of the features that you mentioned. There wasn't a person who accessed your phone and moved stuff around, the YMail application just got updated. The Browse and Nokia WAP Simulator might have been installed on the phone due to an update that you made. To be sure that your phone is safe, you can install Mobile Security application available on the Nokia Store.

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