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The application doesn't have any clipboard utility.

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I've tested the new Microsoft Remote Desktop 8.0.24091 application on my Mac computer. It won't copy and paste text (no clipboard support) from Windows to Mac. The RDC 2.1.0 didn't had this problem. This is a handy and important feature I use every day. Will this be fixed?

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The Microsoft Remote Desktop application doesn't have a clipboard function (ability to copy from an operating system and paste it to another). However, according to the developers, you can copy / paste files by using the Redirection option. To do this, click the + button and in the Add Local Folder window enter the following information :

Name: Set a name for the folder to be available during the remote session.
Path: Select the path to the folder to be available during the remote session.

For additional information, check the support website.

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