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How do I print my Skype history?

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How do I print my Skype history?

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Since you cannot use a built-in feature to print the history of Skype, you need to make use of another program called Skype Logs Reader. The software reads the local database and displays the logs. You can save the log to a text document which can you can print later.

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Skype > File > Show Account > View call history > Export to history file

Result: callhistory2012-10.csv

Drag this call_history to your favorite wordprocessor


Mark, copy and paste into your favorite wordprocessor.

But remember, the more 'elegant' your prints look, the more taylored they are.
Nothing wrong with a simple CMD-SHIFT-4 or CMD-SHIFT-SPACE.
It looks very authentic with a screendump.

Good luck! :(y):

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You can use Skype Logs Reader... it's the only way. Download it on the internet.

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Yes Skype Log reader is a better option.

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you can use skype logs reader and you can try one more thing just copy and paste.:-)

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