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Problems with restoring an image disk.

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I had a problem with an USB device and I tried to make an emergency disk image to drive E from my PC. The directory I saved the file in E:\ which is a partition on my computer from a 1 TB hard drive which is devided in two (E:\ and F:\ both with 500 GB). I restored the image disk to F:\ drive . After that, I can only see the files from image disk, the files that were previously in F:\ are lost and the disk is only 16 GB. Is there a way to fix this issue?

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Yes. To fix this problem, you should open the UndeleteMyFiles program. After you did this, go under the Emergency Disk Images, select the USB image that was recently created, and unmount it. If you don't need this anymore, just select it and press the Delete image button. After you did this, your F:\ drive should be restored and you should be able to access its entire storage space.

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