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What is iTunesDetector Class?

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I have 'iTunesDetector Class' in my computer's boot but I cannot find out what it does and if I need it. Can anyone tell me, please?

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iTunesDetector Class is an add-on for Internet Explorer that comes with iTunes and its main function is to detect if iTunes is installed in your system and to start it when clicking on a "View in iTunes" or "Buy this on iTunes" option. In its absence, IE will not be able to determine if iTunes is installed in the system or not. It is recommended to keep it, but if you want to disable it, you can do that by opening Internet Explorer and clicking on the Tools options. From the Manage add-ons tab, choose Toolbars and Extensions, pick the iTunesDetector Class under the Apple Inc section and change its status from Enabled to Disabled.

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