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Lack of microphone.

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Testing Microphone/Speaker => Issue found
Diagnose storage => Issue found
Diagnostic report: There are some critical issues.
Application impact: Calling is possible, but there are some audio issues

What should I do?

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simple bro just bye one. . . .!!!!!

he he he just kidding

now your answer is

ofcourse u have a headphone (3.5 mm) of your phone, so use that

but it has only one cord, so when u need a head phone just plug in the green plug of ur pc (headphone), and plug it into red one when need a microphone (mike)

now the headphone of the phones are made with 2 speakers and with a small microphone

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The first thing you have to do is to plug a microphone into the PINK input on the back of your computer. If I am right, a window will appear asking you where you've placed the jack. Choose PINK then open Sound settings by right clicking the speaker icon in the system tray. Once you do this, start your application, then repeat the testing procedure and it should work correctly.

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