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Mirroring one virtual monitor on a WiFi projector connected to my WLAN?

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We have an EX7220 projector with a WiFi dongle. The projector and the laptop are connected to our WLAN. We can mirror the laptop's screen onto the projector without a problem. However, the Display control panel doesn't recognize the projector as a second monitor, because it isn't using the VGA port on the laptop. Will VDM give us the ability to mirror a virtual monitor over the network to the projector? The EX7220 uses EasyMP software to do the mirroring.

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The VDM application is used to create additional desktops. To project the virtual desktop, you need to go to the Screen properties and make the virtual desktop as the default one. From that moment, the computer will choose the virtual desktop as primary and the projector will display it. This is the only possible way.

To download the application visit the official website:

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