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Does VSR Shape convert black and white .pdf pictures to .3dm files?

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I'm searching for a program that will allow me to convert black and white .pdf image files in .3dm format file for Rhino 3.0. I have tried a program that converts black and white .pdf image files in .dxf format, but it wasn't successfully. Can anyone help? Alternatively, is there a method to insert a few .xlsx cells as a group into Rhino 3.0 (using text in cells only), then extruding to mill the letters in the material?

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No, VSR Shape will not help you convert black and white .pdf pictures to .3dm files. The software enables you to create and modify "Class A" shapes. However, in order to transform the .pdf file to .3dm, I suggest you try 3DM Export for Acrobat. It is a tool developed by Sycode that acts like a plugin for Adobe Acrobat. Once you open your PDF file in Adobe Acrobat, you can directly export it to 3DM from the 3DMExport menu:

enter image description here

Unfortunately, there isn't any method to insert the .xlsx cells as a group in Rhino 3.0. I suggest you contact the Rhino developers for further information.

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