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how can I get live tech support?

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how can I get live tech support?

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your options ~ use your "in warranty" system's manufacture support for hardware concerns. Use the company / developer support for programs or applications of software you are having issues with.(this is mostly when the software was not free to begin with.) Or pay for the live support you require.

These forums are a great if you don't have a business depending on your IT skills. Do some research (using different search engine for answers before posting any question, odds are someone has already asked about the same problem before. This will also help in receiving the best advise by asking from a place of knowing, by stating your problem in a way that it really is.

You will with out doubt always become a bit more educated, gaining skills with every issue. It's what I really love about computers - know one knows it all, there always will be "The Puzzle" it's a constant, & so many ways to do anything.

Learn by just browsing others experiences when bored, or when you just want your computer to do something! >"<


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