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Unable to connect XOLO-A500 in debugging mode.

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I bought the XOLO phone and I want to ask you if there is any USB driver that can connect the XOLO phone to my eclipse environment. Please help!

Waiting desperately!

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Please follow the instructions on Intel's support page to install the USB drivers. Make sure that USB Development is activated in the phone's settings. An update is also recommended from Menu > Settings > About > Software Update.

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Thanks Pete Clapp

I have already tried these steps and repeated again to give another shot but the problem has not been solved yet. The driver provided by Intel does not work, even windows is not recognising the phone as an Android device, saying no driver found and eventually I am not able to connect with the phone. What a miracle Intel driver is not working with their on device. STRANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you have any solution, please help.

Thanks Clapp
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Have you tried installing the drivers using manual way? Update driver from Device Manager then use Search Online function. Maybe this way the phone does get recognized. Please try this driver package:

Download and unpack the files, the use Update Driver but specify the folder with files instead of using online searching feature.
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Thanks for your quick response.
I tried manual update using your google-usb-driver, but it says "Windows was unable to install your Android"

I also tried online search option, but nothing to avail.

I am using Windows-7 X64 for your information.

Sorry Clapp, nothing seems to work with this **** device.

Thanks for your support.

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