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Question about 'Reject call with SMS' option.

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I have a mobile phone with Android 2.3.6 installed. When I get an incoming call, I don't see the option: "Reject call with SMS" as on other devices with the same Android version. Is it possible to configure my device model so I can use the option?

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The 'Reject call with SMS' option should be available on your Android version. If you can't swipe from the bottom of the screen while you receive a call to use the option, try to update your Android's version. To do that, go to Settings > About > Software update > Update. It's advised while you do this to use a WiFi network due to the large amount of data that can be downloaded for an update.

Also, try going to Settings > Call. There you should find all the available option for your device regarding the rejecting a call with a SMS. If the option is still unavailable, you can try to use an application with the same functionality. I recommend you take a look at Smart Call Control. This is fully compatible with your Android OS.

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