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I need some information on the best apps for Mac.

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Can someone please tell me what the best apps for a Mac are? I really love this website and I just want to be more comfortable with my Mac air.

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There isn't the "best list with apps" for Mac, but I can recommend you some. For example, you should install Mac Informer, Stuffit Expander, and Clean My Mac as system tools, to keep your Mac updates with archiving support while Clean My Mac takes care of the system's functionality by speeding it up. Secondly, you will need a video player to play audio and video files and VLC Media Player is a good choice. To handle the documents, OpenOffice is a good app as well, because it supports a wide range of file formats. For everything else I recommend checking the Mac Informer page. Click on the categories on the right section to get an overview of the best apps.

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