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Not sure if it's a bug or something wrong I did but I need help regarding a problem.

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Not sure if it is a bug or something wrong I did. I have lost my handles / nodes. When I select an item, I can see it is selected because it becomes a dotted line but the little circle handles aren't showing. The same with trying to draw something, the circles that indicate the point I selected isn't there. When I open other files it works fine. That's why I think it is something wrong I did, anyway, can you help me?

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This might be just an error of the application. Try to update the application's version to the latest one available. This might solve the problem. You can also clear the cache of the application. To do this open the Menu of your device and go to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > All tab, select the AndCAD and tap on Clear Cache and Clear Data. After you did this, try to open your problematic file. If you still experience problems with this program, contact the developer on the official website.

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