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MacInformer: how does it determine installed software versions?

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Where does MacInformer get the information on what software is installed on the Mac? For example, MacInformer thinks I have Evernote 5.1 installed and need to upgrade it. In fact, I upgraded the program weeks ago and do have Evernote 5.2 installed. I can't find any option to have it rescan and interpret what I actually have on my Mac. Since many products have been upgraded, the list MacInformer presents to me for upgrade is growing long and not at all accurate.

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I have the same application installed on my Mac. The software continues the process that monitors the Application folder. When an application is added, you will be prompted to Refresh the list (see the image).

To get the version, it either uses System Profiler or the following command (Run in Terminal): mdls -name kMDItemVersion <path to file>

For iPhone it should be: mdls -name kMDItemVersion /Applications/

enter image description here

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