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When using the searching tools, what does MS stand for?

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When using the searching tools, what does MS stand for? Why doesn't it show any results?
Will having several descriptive words help or possibly make the search too narrow? Can I copy and paste items to different applications? Once my item is found how do I print it or adjust the size?Is there a list of key words? Is there a list of titles of the photos? Can I search by the date of the photo? Or the date it was taken? How? If I can’t find an image in the portfolio does that mean it does not exist?

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You will have to use the available Support pages offered by the developer to find information about this software. I recommend this way because the software appears to be commercial without any possibility to download it. Secondly, if you have the client installed on your computer, go to Help and use the Search function to look for all the necessary data.

Support page:

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