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Which is the best antivirus, Norton or Avast?

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Avast and Norton are two of the leading antivirus software from today's market. These two application offer similar functions for their users and there aren't too many differences between them. Avast and Norton have the same price, a smooth and effortless installation process and a wide area of protection and scan instruments. The most obvious difference between Avast and Norton is represented by the needed resources. It is a proven fact that, while Norton is barely loading Avast moves with the speed of light. Also, Avast gathers a larger number of users than Norton Antivirus. From this point of view, we can say that Avast is better than Norton, but, after all, it is just a personal choice.

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i have a computer shop.... so i decided to put antivirus into it.. so whoever used it my pc will be safe .... that time when i used avast antivirus... it work so good,,, but it is so good.. that even my system was been put into its virus chest.. so i can no longer used my pc... avast can detect all the viruses that it can also ruin your system... so i desided to reformat all my pc .. and put a norton antivirus... my pc is protected but not too dangerous like avast.... ;-) so i suggest that you better used norton....

I'm Clariza hope this will help...

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Avast is a very good when compared to norton antivirus.

The Best part of Avast! is it's RTP[Real Time Protraction] system. It means you don't have to scan every app or game before running them in your computer. Just download and play. Avast! will scan the software in it's execution and if something is wrong found it will Immediately stop the software before it's installation in your PC.

It also has some Extra features, like:-
1. AutoSandbox, that allows you to run suspicious programs into a protected environment.
2. A web browser plugin provides comprehensive security ratings, protection against malware, phishing sites and Do-Not-Track (DNT) functionality for improved anonymity on the Internet.
3. DeepScreen technology allows avast! to make more intelligent decisions about unknown files.
4. Continuously streaming update (CSU) technology.
5. SafeZone for more secure online shopping and banking.
6. Rescue disk - allow users to create a bootable CD or flash disk with Avast on it.
7. Firewall to provide better protection to your Windows OS.

1. Simple UI.
2. Complete Security solution for PC.
3. Real Time Protection.
4. Anti-Virus data update in every 12 hours.
5. It Provides better User control over the app than other anti-virus.

1. it add extra 20 Seconds in your PC boot-up time.

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although I do not use both this antivirus, but I think better than avast NORTON, because my friends said that avast is very dangerous if not good to use I do not know how dangerous I just heard is not sure now if it was true.

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Absolutly norton. :) i have myself f-secure, which is one of the best, but i tried norton and was awesome before i changed. Norton is cheap tp, and worth the money.

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I would suggest both are good, but keeping in mind the requirement for yourself. I would apply Norton, if you want everything, but the system will go slow more than a tortoise. Avast though there is a lite version, has its backlogs, like it cannot detect all the malwares & horses.

However, I would still suggest go for ESET Nod 32, along with Malware Byte AntiMalware Bytes.

Hope this helps!

Cheers! :)

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I have 2 computers going all the time on 1 i use SUPERAntiSpyware, never had any problems, I got a virus on my other one. I am putting it on both of them. Its great!

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Norton is a load of garbage like most antiviruses that are commercial base, they slow your system down, take control of your files and create headaches and error messages then fail significantly in preventing viruses from getting through, Norton is actually like a virus itself, don't believe what people say about these antiviruses, they just haven't got a clue as to what trouble lies ahead for them, especially with hackers, just stick with the free bases systems like malewarebytes avast etc, there about the best you can get in the way of protection without headaches, make sure though you disable the webrep in avast it has been known to slow down the internet speed in over protection mode, something that Norton does without protecting your system.

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I highly recommend avast anti-virus for the following reasons:

1)Multiple language support
2)Really fast scanning process
3)Does not slow down the system
4)Good user interface
5)Silent operations

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I vote avast anti-virus, just my personal choice.

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