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Which antivirus is the best one: AVG or Avast?

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I am using AVG antivirus free 2012. Is it better than Avast?

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Avast is a much better AV. Use avast and be free!

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Avast is a very good when compared to avg antivirus.

The Best part of Avast! is it's RTP[Real Time Protraction] system. It means you don't have to scan every app or game before running them in your computer. Just download and play. Avast! will scan the software in it's execution and if something is wrong found it will Immediately stop the software before it's installation in your PC.

It also has some Extra features, like:-
1. AutoSandbox, that allows you to run suspicious programs into a protected environment.
2. A web browser plugin provides comprehensive security ratings, protection against malware, phishing sites and Do-Not-Track (DNT) functionality for improved anonymity on the Internet.
3. DeepScreen technology allows avast! to make more intelligent decisions about unknown files.
4. Continuously streaming update (CSU) technology.
5. SafeZone for more secure online shopping and banking.
6. Rescue disk - allow users to create a bootable CD or flash disk with Avast on it.
7. Firewall to provide better protection to your Windows OS.

1. Simple UI.
2. Complete Security solution for PC.
3. Real Time Protection.
4. Anti-Virus data update in every 12 hours.
5. It Provides better User control over the app than other anti-virus.

1. it add extra 20 Seconds in your PC boot-up time.

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AVG and Avast! are almost equal but Avast! is more popular among users. AVG has 110 million registered users and Avast! has 130 millions. AVG is more easy to install and to use. Both have similar detection rates, removal effectiveness and system impact. So it can not be said that one is superior to the other. They both compete on performance, protection and price.

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Yes I thik so
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Avast is a very good when compared to avg antivirus.

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Avast จะขยันกว่า ดาวน์โหลดง่ายไม่มีผูกพัน...(free)นิยมใช้มากกว่า140ล้านคนทั่วโลก

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