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I have a Gateway 2000 Destination XTV-400 computer (1998 model) running Windows 98 SE.

The software for connecting to another "destination facility" is called Destivu (Gateway Destination Software). Originally when that software was launched, it would pop up a login box. After upgrading Destivu to version 2.1 from 2.0, the login box no longer came up. So I uninstalled it and re-installed version 2.0. Now the login box doesn't open with that version either.

If anyone has experience with this software, please let me know how I can get this login box to come up again. Gateway no longer provides support for the product.

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Unfortunately, there is nowhere specified about this error. The available websites don't provide any information at all and Gateway support can't be used, as you said. It's not a driver issue because you didn't say about it. However, I can recommend a fresh installation. By "fresh" I mean to re-install the software from scratch. Firstly, remove it from your computer and uninstall the drivers, then use CCleaner to clear the registry and the empty folders. Manually navigate where Destivu is installed and delete everything. Reboot the computer and then perform another installation and it should work.

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